20 December 2018
Fashion & The Arts

The Urbane Society launched with roots in the restaurant industry, specifically in premium fine dining. As Urbane has grown in the months following its summer birth, the Club’s founding team has evaluated several avenues for expansion. But as someone once said – ideas are easy, execution is everything. And with that thought providing the guiding light for our strategy, we’ve decided that the time is now just right to announce our expansion into retail. Introducing Urbane’s first retail partner, Festari For Men. 


19 October 2018
About Urbane

The Urbane Society is founded on the premise that we should give young professionals a break when it comes to dining out. We get it – you want to eat well, you want to drink well, and you want to have fun while you’re at it. What do you not want? That pricy bill. Enter The Urbane Society. We’ve partnered with a handful of premier restaurants to offer you, the young professional, access to premier dining at a discounted price.

18 October 2018
Urbane Dining Destinations

As a young startup in a competitive landscape, today is an important day for The Urbane Society. We’ve officially expanded our reach outside of Houston and into Fort Worth. Why the Fort? Well, what’s better than one B&B Butchers? Two B&B Butchers. We’ve once again teamed up with Benjamin Berg, owner and driving force behind B&B Butchers and Berg Hospitality Group, to bring you the best Texas has to offer in steakhouses and butcher shops.

12 October 2018

See below for top-of-mind ideas from our judges
1. Lindsay Lohan Dancing in Mykonos. For the reds out there (@MR), or those who enjoy the wig game. Silver jumpsuit, long red hair (real or wig), questionable dance moves.
2. The Year 2018: WTF Happened. Could just come in a black trash bag? Or throw a question mark on a white T. We’re open to ideas.
3. Elon Musk’s Judgement. Black trash bag for this one, too.
4. *Couple’s Costume Alert* : Beyoncé & Jay-Z in their “Apeshit” music video. Swag out in pink and teal suits. Don’t hold me to it, but I would probably award this costume as the night’s winner.

10 October 2018
Urbane Dining Destinations

A neighborhood favorite since 1981, Carmelo’s Cucina Italiana is a traditional, family-owned and operated restaurant serving fresh, rustic Italian-American food nestled between Houston’s Memorial area and Energy Corridor. The phrase La Famiglia e Tutto (“Family is everything”) drives everything at Carmelo’s as Proprietor Benjamin Berg and his brother and Executive Chef Partner Daniel Berg are committed to sourcing only the highest-quality, Italian products paired with the best local ingredients available.

03 October 2018
About Urbane

We’re ecstatic to announce that The Urbane Society has officially partnered with Tony’s, arguably Houston’s most storied premier dining destination.
Founded in 1965 by a then 22-year-old Mr. Tony Vallone, Tony’s and Tony, himself, have become synonymous with excellence in authentic dining. Fifty years ago, Tony’s launched as a small Italian eatery on Sage Road. Today, Tony’s stands at the top of Houston’s dining scene – and for good reason – as the restaurant marries elegance in fine dining with the genuine good nature, charm, and authenticity on which its reputation was built in the ‘60s.

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